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Great for Large Group Photos

If you’re like us then you know what makes a photo even better is a large group photo, and with our elegant rope swing set-up you can fit on average 12-15 people!! 😮

A Complete Social Boost

Your guests will naturally want to take soooo many photos here. You will give your guests a natural place to interact & enjoy your unique reception!

The Best Wedding Favor?

Absolutely! Your guests will love you for this! Every single photo taken in your elegant rope swing will be #InstagramGOLD

Reserve it with our Open-Air Booth & get a big discount!

We offer only the best features when you reserve it with our Photo Booth:

  • Elegant Photo Strip Design
  • Instant Premium Prints
  • Backdrop of your choice
  • Awesome Props
  • Liveview Screen (So you can see how fab you look during each photo!).
  • Professional Camera
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • & much more!

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3-6 Full Hours

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You'll get a pretty generous discount for bundling 😉

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, our Rope Swing can be set-up indoors or outdoors. However, we would need a tent for an outdoors set-up.

If you reserve your rope swing by itself (without a Photo Booth), you’ll get the rope swing for 3-6 hours. If you reserve your rope swing with our Open Air Photo Booth you’ll get a discount and you’ll get it for the duration of your reserved photo booth package. 

It only takes us about 35-45 minutes to set-up our rope swing. However we will arrive one hour early just to set-up and make sure everything goes smoothly. ☺️

We always recommend to reserve your date at least 9-12 months ahead of time so that we can guarantee availability. Plus we usually give out generous discounts for clients that reserve ahead of time (9-12 months) 😉 . You can also reserve with less time in advance if we have availability (but you could have missed a big discount). 

Our recommend space for set-up is about 11ft x 11ft.

You can fully reserve your Elegant Rope Swing rental & lock-in your date with only $100 down. The remaining balance won’t be due until 4-6 weeks before your event date.

Absolutely! Our team will arrive to your event early to set-up your rope swing. Then, they will pick it up after your event.

Regular Deposits are only refundable if you cancel within 7 days of your reservation. All deposit with special offers/sales promotions are non-refundable. All deposit for events reserved and happening in less than 7 days are always non-refundable.

Yes, delivery & taxes are not included in any of our packages. Delivery is usually a small amount (within CT usually $20-$45). We also offer free delivery to selected cities in CT. 

You can find out your event city’s exact delivery amount (if any) by sending us a message here.

Of course! We absolutely love to work with our corporate clients! We also love to help boost your marketing efforts by adding your logo and branding to our set-up. We’ve done events for companies like Prudential, Planet Fitness Corp., Honda, WWE Corporate, Gengras Auto, The Knot, Vineyard Vines, News America Marketing, Rich Corp., Yale University & many others! 

Please send us a quick message by clicking here.

We will put together & send you a personalized PayPal invoice so that you can securely complete your deposit online. Don’t worry, you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to complete your deposit invoice. 

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