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The Experience

This is not about a booth, it’s about the full on excitement, gut-wrenching laughter, creative and unique experience that you and your guests will live! It’s tough describing such a unique experience in words, but once you experience it no other booth experience will ever feel the same. Your guests will love you for this!

Endless Creative Videos

Our booth is the playground to your guest’s creativity. Just imagine all the uniquely vivid & exciting slow motion videos your guests will be able to create & laugh about with our premium props like Pinatas (to bash in slow motion), Money guns, party poppers, bubble guns, hand-held sparklers & many others! 

The Hollywood Feel

The professional set-up will have you & your guests feeling like you’ve just entered a Hollywood studio to start filming your new hit movie. Every video clip is treated like a very short movie, with your own professional lighting, camera, large instant replay TV, & even your own director (your experienced & ultra energetic booth attendant(s)).

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Frequently asked questions

Ideally the Slow motion booth should be set-up indoors, this way we can have 100% control of all the professional lighting we bring. However, we can set-up outdoors so long as there is a large enclosed tent for the booth to be set-up in.

All our packages include your full hours plus one additional idle hour (for set-up). For example, if you reserve the “3 Full hours” package you would receive 3 full hours of active booth time plus one additional idle hour.

All our Slow Motion Booth packages include one extra free idle hour, this is the time we use to arrive early and set-up your booth. You can also purchase additional idle hours.

It usually takes us about 45-55 minutes to set-up our booth. However we will arrive at least one hour early (& most times earlier than that) just to make sure everything goes smoothly. ☺️

No, the Slow Motion booth is a video booth so it does not include print outs, however your guests to get their videos almost immediately after each session. Everyone will be able to see, and share their videos to themselves via email.

On top of being able to view your slow motion videos on the big screen we bring, you & your guests will be able to email each video to themselves after each video session. 😉

Yes! We will design your overlay to match what you’re looking for. We will also include a custom message that you choose in your overlay (to be displayed on the bottom or on top of each video). We’ll make sure your overlay design is exactly as you would like it to be. You may also choose to have no overlay.

We always recommend to reserve your booth & date at least 9-12 months ahead of time so that we can guarantee availability. Plus we usually give out generous discounts for clients that reserve ahead of time (9-12 months) 😉 . You can also reserve with less time in advance if we have availability (but you could have missed a big discount). 

Our recommend space for the slow motion booth set-up is 14ft (w) x 14ft (l) x 14ft (h), however if you have a slightly smaller set-up space, let us know ahead of time and we’ll find a way to make it work! 


You can fully reserve your Slow Motion Booth & lock-in your date with only $200 down. The remaining balance won’t be due until 5 -6 weeks before your event date.

Absolutely! You will have one to two dedicated & super energetic slow motion booth attendant present at your event to take care of your guests as well as your booth. This way you’ll only have to worry about having the most fun & entertaining booth experience of your life with all your guests!

Regular Deposits (deposits/events without any discounts) are only refundable if you cancel within 7 days of your reservation. All deposit with special offers/sales promotions are non-refundable. All deposit for events reserved and happening in less than 7 days are always non-refundable.

Yes, delivery & taxes are not included in any of our packages. Delivery is usually a small amount (within CT usually $20-$50 depending on the City). We also offer free delivery to selected cities in CT. 

You can find out your event city’s exact delivery amount (if any) by sending us a message here.

Tax is just your standard CT sales tax of 6.35%.

Of course! We have several corporate events per year. In fact, about 40% of our clients are corporate. We absolutely love to work with our corporate clients! We also love to help boost your marketing efforts by adding your logo and branding to your video overlay design for all your guests and clients to see. We’ve done events for companies like Prudential, Planet Fitness Corp., Honda, WWE Corporate, Gengras Auto, The Knot, Vineyard Vines, News America Marketing, Rich Corp., Yale University & many others! 

You can fully reserve your Slow Motion Booth in our booking site. Click here to visit our booking site.

You’ll be able to check availability, choose your booth preferences, enter your event logistics, complete your deposit and more by visiting our booking site (link above).

If you still have more questions, you can call or text us at (860) 776-5013. Or email us at [email protected] 

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